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Taylor Made Prep Academy's mission is to provide a "true college sports prep" to members of underserved communities.


"TAYLOR MADE" represents the roots of Coach Jamal Edwards, Founder of Taylor Made Prep, and his hometown of Taylor, Michigan.  Growing up in a suburb of Detroit, he always channeled his energy on the court.  Countless doors opened for him to play basketball in the U.S., Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.


Coach Edwards knew one day he'd pay it forward.


Get to Know Us

Taylor Made Prep Academy (Arizona's first college sports prep high school) is a non-profit corporation organized exclusively for educational services and to foster amateur sports competitions.  Our private school is designed to mentor student-athletes with goal of participating in intercollegiate athletics.  We provide the youth of underserved communities with preparation for success in college, in both academics and athletics.


Students of Taylor Made Prep’s academic program earn credits towards a High School Diploma or College Preparatory Diploma and receive guidance to achieve certification requirements for intercollegiate athletics.  Our academic and athletic programs also provide life skills education for at-risk youth.

Taylor Made Prep formed TMP Elite to create a year-round development and exposure model.  TMP offers individual or small group training and basketball camps for beginning, intermediate, and advanced athletes of all ages.  Several age groups represent TMP Elite's basketball traveling teams that play in the top grassroots-level events throughout the nation. 


The "GRIND" mascot represents the process of becoming a successful athlete and well-rounded individual. It takes hard work, dedication and mental toughness to be the best version of yourself.

Taylor Made Basketball Academy, established in 2005, ran many successful basketball camps.  Coach Edwards realized teaching fundamentals and discipline needed far longer than a 3-5 day camp to make a lasting impact in the lives of youth.  Now he offers programs targeting underserved communities (inner city, rural, international, and military youth), through the Taylor Made Prep Academy in Phoenix, AZ.  Created in 2014, Coach Edwards is committed to spreading his passion for academics, athletics, and the benefits of organized sports.


"Everyone who suits up will have equal opportunities to grow their natural gifts and talents," says Coach Edwards.


TMP is an all-inclusive organization providing academics, training, and exposure opportunities to student-athletes.  We pride ourselves on full transparency, high-quality athletic programs, leadership development, academic preparation, sport-specific skills and strength training, and a challenging competition schedule that allows for greater exposure of the student-athletes.  The youth and post-graduate sports programs develop our athletes and create opportunities to play collegiate sports.


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