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High School

Taylor Made Prep Academy introduces our College Sports Prep Program – the pinnacle of college sports preparation, exposure, and life skills development. Here's why your family should be part of this extraordinary journey:

Unparalleled Basketball Excellence

   - Our program provides elite-level basketball training with a focus on college concepts and strategies!

   - Elevate your child's game by playing against top junior national junior colleges and elite prep schools, fostering growth in a competitive environment.

 - Tailored college-level training ensures your child is not just prepared but excels at the collegiate level.

   - We integrate college style practices and concepts, empowering athletes to meet the demands of collegiate sports both on and off the court.

College Sports Preparation

Maximum Exposure to College Coaches

 - Our strategic partnerships and participation in high-profile tournaments guarantee maximum exposure to college coaches and scouts.
  - Showcase your child's talent on a national stage, opening doors to collegiate opportunities.

 - Beyond basketball, we emphasize "college" life skills development crucial for navigating success in college

   - From leadership and teamwork to time management and resilience, our holistic approach shapes well-rounded individuals poised for excellence.

College Life Skills Focus

Competitive Environment

  - Compete against the best – our schedule includes matchups against top junior national junior colleges and elite prep schools.
  - The intensity and diversity of competition accelerate skill development and provide invaluable experiences for every player.

Benefit from personalized attention from our experienced coaching staff.

   - Join a supportive community where individual growth is celebrated, fostering a sense of belonging and encouragement.

Personalized Attention and Support

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