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What Families Are Saying About TMP Elite

"Coach Edwards does an outstanding job of teaching!!!!  Taylor Made Prep organization is outstanding and will become one of the premier prep programs in the country because of the leadership, work ethic, caring nature of Coach Edwards.  He has developed this organization for all the right reasons.  He wants to see young people succeed in life."


- Cecil from Arizona

"Three day camp was needed as Coach Edwards is knowledgeable and has a lot to offer. The children were challenged. Coach Edwards gave praise when due and criticism when needed, which was enlightening.The children were challenged."


- Margaret from Virginia

"Hands down the best camp my son has ever attended! Loved the individual skills and quick decision making drills. Thanks for boosting my son's confidence and pushing him to the next level. Hope you come back to Fort Wayne!!   


-Peggy from Indiana 

"Elite Coach Edwards was Andrew's coach this past weekend in Fort Wayne!  We love him!  He does an excellent job in coaching, teaching, and encouraging the players!  Thank you so much for your kind words about Andrew too!

- Doug & Renee from Indiana

"Coach Edwards did a fabulous job. To say that this camp was outstanding would be a understatement. I have been coaching for 19 years and been to many basketball camps and this camp was head and shoulders above any of them. Each skill was thoroughly covered and beneficial to the campers development. What I really liked is Coach Edwards was truly involved with ALL the kids. He explained and demonstrated each drill so those with less talent understood, then those with more talent he pushed them. What I really enjoyed was when he seen campers messing around or walking he encouraged them to hustle and do each rep the best they could do. This camp will be highly recommended by me"


- Kevin from New Mexico 

"Coach Edwards did an amazing job. He instructed the kids quickly and got them right into the drill with the purpose of getting kids lots of repetitions. He kept the kids attention and really showed them the value of being a player that can make good decisions in a game like situation"


-Tommie from Georgia

"Just an overall experience. Was an incredible amount of reps in the amount of time spent on the court. Really challenged all participants, regardless of skill level, to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zones. Coaches had a lot of energy and made great connections with the kids. The concepts were not things taught at most camps. Really gave both my son and I different ways to think about the game and unique training ideas"


-Warren from Wisconsin  

"I saw a lot of frustration, challenges, and fatigue. The coaches immediately recognized this in the players and approached them in a fun professional manner. There was confidence drawn out of these players by the coaches because of that style of professionalism. I observed and listened to the coaches talked to the players then watched the positive results".


- Joy from Texas 

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