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Our school boasts a thriving alumni network that includes a number of successful basketball players. They serve as excellent role models and inspiration for our current students, who have the opportunity to develop their skills through our rigorous coursework and competitive extracurricular activities.

Portland State.png

Rashaad Goolsby

Portland State University

2016 Taylor Made Prep

Phoenix College.png

Saikou Gueye

Phoenix College

2018 Taylor Made Prep


Ajang Aguek

Northern Arizona University

2019 Taylor Made Prep

Irvine Valley.jpg

Christian Louis

Irvine Valley College

2017 Taylor Made Prep


Haydn Denis

McPherson College

2018 Taylor Made Prep

Glendale Community College.png

Tyrese Eugene

Glendale Community College

2019 Taylor Made Prep

Ventura College.png

Davion Washington

Ventura College

2019 Taylor Made Prep

Central Arizona College.png

Mycole Rodriguez

Central Arizona College

2019 Taylor Made Prep


Shamar Grant

Scottsdale CC

2020 Taylor Made Prep

Adams State.png

Ryland O'Brien

Adams State University

2019 Taylor Made Prep


Yannick Fallermann

Mendocino College

2020 Taylor Made Prep

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